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Hi my names Kayly and I'm new to livejournal and the whole thing. I have two kids already. A son who's three and a daughter who's one. I think I may be preggers again and I couldn't be happier. Here's my problem.

I was in a relationship with a very good friend of mine for a couple of months. We've been friends for years and decided to go out again. he's unable to get anyone pregnant as far as we know. we've tried with no luck. Now I love him but it's not one of those madely in love type of things. More of one of those I'll marry you cause i love you and you love me type of things. Problem is that there is one guy out there who I'm madely in love with and it's not him. I cheated on him about two weeks ago and a broke up with him because of his huge need to spend every day lodged up my butt. He drove me nuts and called me a couple of names so I got out. Thing is when I cheated on him with the guy I'm seriously in love with I have unprotected sex numerous times. i think that if I'm pregnant it'll be this other guys and that makes me really happy but really worried at the same time cause i know it'll break my ex's heart. Does anyone have any comments? Am I evil?
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